So… I’m going to prom now…

I’ll be your date.

I see how it is.

Where’s Mayuni :(

Oh look at me i drink nothing but pabst blue ribbon use a vx1000, make fun of nike omg cherry was he best film ever oh no im out of cigs omg cuffed pants 

yes…. this is what you look like

I wish my parents would fuck off for once like they always got some smart shit to say. Like If I’m busy and I said I was going to get to something then stay in your lane. like fuck. Don’t try and question my capabilities, you’re grown as fuck. The more and more they act my age, the more and more I really want to never come back. Like as a parent you’re supposed to support, not cause more stress than I’m already under. 

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tried making a bit of reggae. sampled my guitar then looped

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tRying…. tO… reSISt joining tHE CROP TOP movEmENT…


just some quick pics of my locs at about a month old

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Recoup - Key & TrapMoneyBenny

my shiiiiiiittttttt